We’re excited to offer you the latest lineup of Summa’s innovative cutters – the S Class 3 Series. Equipped with new features and upgrades, this series of cutters is the ultimate solution to all your cutting needs. Check out the following highlights and video, and when you’re ready to learn more, contact our sales team with the form below.

True Tangential Cutting Technology

The highly-engineered tangential cutting heads on the S Class 3T Series have a unique motorized knife, allowing the cutters to achieve unparalleled accuracy and precision down to the smallest details.  It can also cut through  heavy sandblasts, paint masks, and reflective materials.

Smart Object Sorting and Panelling

The Smart Object Sorting feature selects the most optimal starting point for cutting objects, every single time. The unique Smart Panelling function also improves cutting accuracy and simplifies post-processing. For example, when panelling is set to 40cm, all objects within this range are cut at once.

High Precision Cutting Performance Head

The S Class 3 TC models are the most advanced cutters of the S3 Series. Their high-precision cutting head can now carry two tools at once. This allows you to cut and crease or cut and draw without changing tools.

OPOS alignment

The Optical Positioning System is an automated contour alignment system. The OPOS X sensor technology senses 4 to 128 marks on a wide range of materials for even faster recognition abilities.

Ease of Use

Discover improved ease of use with a blue, green, and red-lighted status bar. Additionally, swiftly identify adjustable components by their blue color. This is complemented by a strategically placed tool tray at the back for efficient operation. The S Class 3 is also designed with a focus on ergonomics and simplicity in usage.

GoSign cutting software

The user-friendly software GoSign is your first choice cutting software, allowing you to manage your preferred workflow with great flexibility. Settings and action sets can be created and tailored according to your specific cutting jobs at any given time.

Larger media roll

The media roll on the cutter can now handle a diameter of 20 cm and supports a roll weight of at least 45 kg. This improvement is highly beneficial for print and cut applications, including laminated vinyl.

A servo-powered roll-up System

After finishing a job, the system will roll up the artwork neatly and prepare the machine for the next one. The integrated panelling feature splits long-length runs into shorter consecutive tasks, allowing to cut complete rolls unattended and deliver the output nicely rolled-up.

High yield with G-performance

With G-Performance, you can boost the production on the S Class 3 roll cutters by up to 40%. Its impact is especially noticeable on a faster reading of the registration marks and when cutting wider substrates.

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