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HP Academy on Latex 700/800 Series: April 16 & April 30 @ 2pm (EST)

Join HP for their latest Academy and find out how these new printers can extend your business portfolio into the highest value applications with the whitest of white inks and brilliant colors. Beat your deadlines with smart, efficient printing, and sharpen your sustainability edge.

Ultraflex 3/17: Going Green In Wide Format: What It Means, How To Explain It, How To Sell It

Learn ways to go green in digital printing with industry leader, Ultraflex. Ultraflex has focused on the environment and sustainability with the launch of recyclable products and products that are made from recycled materials.

3A Composites: Looking into 2021

Michael Lawrence, Learning & Development Manager, and Doug Twitchell, Director of Distributor Relations look at upcoming initiatives, challenges and innovations for 2021. Including an update on retail design from Alan Plunkett, Director, Retail Design and Sustainability.

Kala Applikator Table Tutorial Video

If you’re in the market for a new finishing table, watch this video highlighting the exclusive and unique features of the Kala Applikator Table including its adjustable modular design, roller elevation system and pressure settings.